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earth to the morgue [entries|friends|calendar]
rubby x3

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Wig Straightening oh myyyy! [28 Jul 2008|11:43pm]
[ mood | a little bit ]

                         Well you know, this saturday my wig arrived from Ebay it was BE-A-UTIFUL! Except for it wasnt practical in the slightest, plus mom keeps saying its similar to a miss piggy wig pffffft! It arrived really quick which is great ^^ if you ever need to buy a wig for any reason i definetly suggest using Lulus wig shop on ebay ;) . Anyway this is it...


This is it, neat huh? It really did not look like the picture in the slightest! It looks so dark here but man it isnt. So what to do now? I cut the darn fringe shorter becuase it kept getting in my eyes constently making me look like a complete f00l. My boyfriend then suggested to make it better i loose the curls and go straight and now after watching this video ...

 ....I think im ready to attempt straightening it, honestly if this goes wrong i will DIE ...well no i wont die ... but you know what i mean!! Im dreading it going wrong... gahhhh !>_< 

          Oh also i went to see The Dark Knight with my family and boyfriend it was such a brilliant film! Really great, if you havent seen it then go do so now! RIGHT NOOW!! Your seriously missing out if you havent. Heath ledger gave a fab performance of The Joker his voice was really little and high hehee ^__^ and his green hair was super kawaii!Here are some shots to tempt you to go see it haha..

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bacckk kyaahhh ?!! [22 Dec 2007|07:37pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

 yey!! im back!! ummm yeah.... iv been away for more than a yearrrr =0 !! it feels weird to be back... checking all my old friends journals and seeing alf of them have been purged .. its a weird feeling thats for sure lol!....but yeah ive done alot since then...... well.... got ma hair cut like bou (ex antic cafe) and dyed like a kind of ash blonde... welll when i say cut i men i cut it myself lol.....OMGOMGOMG la ink is on tonight XDXD kat time yey <3

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im back <3 [14 Aug 2006|08:56pm]
hey again everyone ....im back after a day of making this new layout which features wonderful band fatima by a beach of somesort ...im really ready for my holiday now *yawn* only umm *counts* 8 dys left until i go on holiday so its ok :) i feel so tired and stressed :( ive lost all of my creativity oh well .... i think ill go now..... sorry for the lack of graphics maybe ill take a short graphics hiatus ...yeah i will anyway heres my sign... featuring a still from howls moving castle and the lovely bishounen in the picture is howl himself ...

anyway im going to post some of my favourite pictures of bishounens and anime and maga etc etc in the cutt
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lolita day out ^^ [12 Aug 2006|07:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

well...umm there were pictures here but i deleted them because i realised they werent very nice so..... thats that.
also working on a new layout take no notice of this one

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lolita day out !!&& c l o s e d g r a p h i c s [11 Aug 2006|09:42pm]
[ mood | cold ]

well tommorow is my first lolita day out with my dear friend natsumi and im very excited
ive had a nice bath and pampering session and done my hair in nice golden ringlets ^^

i plan to wear

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updates and graphics [10 Aug 2006|09:21pm]
[ mood | calm ]

well hello people! its been a while since i updated im sorry..... 

anyway i took some pictures of what ive been doing, see them below 
we went to a chinese restuaraunt which had a strange big picture of tony chung in the window ....uuhhhh.................?!


anyway......i decided to start a new icon type i will work on its exclusive to my journal and its called 



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gackt klaha malice mizer etc etc [07 Aug 2006|09:16pm]

well ... been on klahas new website, apparently hes selling postcards with pictures of him in a tight top on the front (wahey *raises eyebrows*)... just so angry mizer fans can send it back saying "klaha wtf happened to your slender waist biatch!!! " lmao although i DO think it used to be really nice and slender (--puts together a montage of examples--) 

hmmm anyway thats all i have to say for now id better go and get writing letters to my new penpals ^^

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song lyrics &&& meee [06 Aug 2006|04:22pm]
[ mood | wahey ]

heey everyone! : ) 

im back again 
and i wrote a little profile! heeheh
so this is meeee

name: yayoi 

gender: female lol

style : ganguro girl ^^

color hair: bleach blonde

make up wearing: white eyeshadow and pale lipstick and very light blue mascara

eye color : brown 

skin color: tanned naturally butted darker tanned with makeup eheh

vision : imperfect i need glasses lol

favourites: koda kumi || gackt || mana || malice mizer || mana || 
candy || hello kitty marshmallow || hello kitty phone charms || umm did i already mention koda kumi?

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j-gal icons ^.^ [06 Aug 2006|02:53pm]
[ mood | happy today =) ]


 im back again with gifts hehe
look below and see the cut for more :P
---- p r e v i e w --- 


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end of bou week and new graphics set [05 Aug 2006|06:58pm]

well hello  again everyone =)
this weeks been good, bou graphics now off my list and all requests are now done ive decided to take a more friendly approach to lj ill comment more and in a more bloggish way instead of just giving you graphics .....

i still miss miyao alot :( i wish i could talk to her. if only i had a new girlfriend, i really want one but i dont want a silly emo scene girlfriend thats like...you know... i want someone nice that will cherish me even if theyre not that goodlooking i just want to be loved  :(...

hhmmm i like talking on msn im on it alot if you have it, add me, im really intrested in making new friends atm !
my msn is
i really love blue at the moment
for some reason it mkaes me feel happy ^.^ whilst reminding me of the most handsome man ever ....
manabu satoru 


anyway .... went shopping yestarday here are the pics ;)
i bought a jackt with a scarf 
scarf from h&m kids for 1.99
jacket from republic for 5.00

and on the back is my favourite little kitty maneki neko even though hes not white on these prints

and a skirt 
from h&m kids for 2.99 (hehe im quite small so i can buy cheap kids clothes ;) )

and i bought a top for 7.00 from h&m kids too although i had to edit it on the bust area lol
modeled by moi i look like a kogal girl lol

look at my bleach blonde ganguro wannabe hair ^.^
also i made a layout with a matching avatar and friends only sign featuring koda kumi ^.^
but youll have to go to the cut for download instrustions ehehe


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Covered in candy : Bou week [02 Aug 2006|10:07am]

well ive had 5 requests for layouts in the first day of bou week which was good :) also many people used my graphics i made hehe,
i was very tired yestarday after thinking about what things are "beach" because someone requested a layout with beach pictures of bou hehe but i did get it finished and you can see it here 


also a wallpaper for...

and im working on a layout for....

and a cosplay journal layout for

and umm..i think thats all i have to say for today if you have any requests please comment and ill do them asap! ill just get on with working and listening to miyavi for now lol ooh i need the oresama theme but i cant find it

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Covered in candy: Bou week <3 [31 Jul 2006|03:27pm]

Hey everyone this is the first day of Bou week where all my graphics will have bou featured in them so heres the rules

♥ You can request for lj layouts
♥ You can request for lj icons
♥ You can request for lj friends only signs
♥ You can request for lj darkplayers with whatever antic cafe songs you would like 

the first graphics i bring are Bou icons 

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Icons [30 Jul 2006|08:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well its been about 5 days since i first started here..... i got used to the lj code and made myself a layout ♥ featuring miyavi eheh 
also i reallly want people to add me as a friend <3 i will be very nice too you also add me on msn too because i really enjoy talking =) 
and for some reason i really want to pick up a copy love hina hehe  well anyway...

 i need a new boyfriend or girlfriend  :( 

                                                                  i bring icons with moi.... 

see the cut for the rest &hearts;

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[30 Jul 2006|08:25pm]
[ mood | bored ]

K o n i c h i w a !   O    g e n k i    d e s u     k  a? ? .....
                                               t h e r e s   a   l i t t l e   pr  o b l e m  .....
I love this girl called miyao {but shush dont tell} 
                                               s h e   d o e  s n t   e v e n   k n o w   i   e x s i s t....
 i just saw her and fell in love 
                                               s h e  s   v e r y   b e a u  t i f  u l  ......
but shes in the philepenes and im in the england 
                                               s h e s   s o   c l o s e   t o   m e   b u t   y e t   s o   f a r __x
 here she is

......makes me want to sing vermilion really lol, but on that note time for some song lyrics 

                                Get the feeling that you're never
All alone and I remember now
At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies
                                       She dies

At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are

                              Never coming home
Never coming home
                 Could I?
Should I?
And all the things that you never ever told me
A n d   a l l                        .t h e   s m i l e s   t h a t   a r e   e v e r   g o  n n a   h a u n t   m e .

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first post [25 Jul 2006|08:07pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

well this is my first post ..lol im just getting used to lj and ill be back with icons ;)

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